Why Giving Away an IPad Isn’t Enough

Why Giving Away an IPad Isn’t Enough

I nearly laughed out loud when I got this estate agent leaflet through my door.

I had to hide the name of the agent so they wouldn’t get slaughtered.

Am I going to sell my biggest asset and disrupt my whole life for months and you want to give me an IPad?

Mr Estate Agent, there are lots of things you could have done to get my business.

  • Tell me what my property is worth.
  • Tell me how many buyers you have.
  • Tell me what properties you have available for me to buy.
  • Tell me your average sale time.
  • Tell me what you’ll charge.
  • Tell me your sold price to valuation %
  • Tell me how you market my property to maximise the sale price.
  • Tell me who can do my conveyancing with a no move no fee guarantee locally.
  • Tell me who rates you in my street.
  • Show me the properties you’ve sold in the last three months with 1 mile of my home.
  • Send me the DVD of client testimonials.
  • Tell me to search your brand + reviews online.
  • Tell me you’ll pay for my season ticket if you don’t sell in 47 days at the asking price.
  • Tell me which local charity you support.
  • Tell me who to connect with on LinkedIn so I can ask questions.

Tell me your BLOODY story and if you bought a truckload of IPads make that the story so at least I care a fig about you. And now back to Netflix and my dog on the sofa.