Want To Be A Facebook Video Advert Expert? Attend this course Friday 11th May.

Want To Be A Facebook Video Advert Expert? Attend this course Friday 11th May.

“Video killed the Radio Star” may be a great title for a song, but Video killed SEO is probably what Buggles would have sung, had they released a single in 2018.

It seems that everyone and his uncle is trying to market themselves with video. From the YouTube influencers cashing in on their millions of followers, to the Flat Roof man showing his fixer-upper skills.

And it’s not just on YouTube that you get to see amateur film makers putting their Smartphones to good use.

Facebook advertising is awash with videos, but let me ask you…how many of them do you actually watch? Not many. And that’s because video advertising requires skill to pull off correctly. But when you do, the rewards are rich.

Do you know how to use Facebook Video?

The fact is that most SMEs don’t have any idea when it comes to Facebook video advertising. Which is where Creative Cumulus, run by Wendy Schrier hopes to put things right.

Wendy Schrier

They are running a workshop this Friday May 11th at Bill’s Café in Reading from 9:30am for 2 hrs of invaluable marketing tips and advice on how to succeed with video marketing on Facebook with David Perry, an experienced video marketing strategist and content producer.

David produces video content for small and medium businesses. He also trains business owners, marketers and communicators to create their own video content for social media and web.

David will be taking a very practical look at what’s different about creating video for Facebook (and a few things that are just the same!) including:

–    defining your marketing objectives and target audience
–    what do you want to say and why will they want to listen?
–    the differences between YouTube and Facebook videos
–    how to stand out in silence – getting you message across without sound
–    top tips to get the best from your phone, tablet or webcam
–    should you go “Live”? How to avoid the perils and pitfalls of live broadcasting

David says ”One of the best parts of my job is working with business owners to understand their business objectives and help them tell the stories about what makes their business unique. Video is an incredible medium for telling those stories and for provoking an emotional reaction from the audience; amusement, interest, excitement and curiosity – all of which makes them want to find out more about you and your business.”

Wendy explained that this workshop is just one way Creative Cumulus help SMEs improve their sales & marketing. They have meetings every month, where an expert is on hand to explain strategies and then attendees ask questions and learn from each other’s problems and solutions.

So if you want to learn how the world’s biggest social network can be put to work through video advertising head along to the event this Friday.

You can book tickets at this link https://www.businessbiscotti.co.uk/all-gold-events/creative-cumulus/creative-cumulus4-2.html

Where: Bills Cafe, 3 Broad St, Reading RG1 2HX (by the side entrance to John Lewis)
On:  Friday, 11th May 2018
From: 9.30am – 11.30am

Cost: £13 Members (discount will be automatically deducted at the checkout) to cover refreshments and room contribution.  Non-members £18