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You can message these business owners via LinkedIn.

500 Million Business People Can't Be Wrong!

LinkedIn - is it the network for you?

“I get a massive amount of my business from LinkedIn.”

Boyd Butler says ... 'That’s what I heard from a connection of mine. She sells hotel and meeting rooms in Reading. '

It’s not surprising she does so well when there are 112,000 users of LinkedIn in Reading of whom 40% use the site daily.

Slipping relevant information out to them on a weekly basis with an offer is a sure-fire way to build her personal and professional brand.

Thousands of people are building their companies and personal brands on LinkedIn (LI) and say it is their best form of marketing.

An estate agent in Birmingham, Bobby Singh, has driven to become Birmingham’s Number 1 Agent, by posting plenty of controversial content on his personal account, even to the point of posting complaint letters and publishing email spats.

That’s not everyone’s cup of tea. But I use it to illustrate there’s a lot of confusion about LI. It’s no longer about using it for a personal CV. It’s not just for recruiters and spammers.

It’s a network of seriously wealthy business people, (that Microsoft recently paid billions of dollars to own.) This network is generating content that is extraordinarily varied and valuable.

So I would say to all business professionals, it’s not a question of if you should be using LI. It’s a question of, “What do you want to use LinkedIn for?”

Do you want to use it to get a new job? To set yourself up as an expert in your field? To build a tight network of targeted business people in your local area that may want your services?

Any of those reasons are valid. And I’m convinced that you can do all three if you want to.

And there are some very simple steps you can take to get started.

You’ll want to optimise your personal profile so that it reads more like a personal branding statement than a CV.

For example, talk about what you do and what sort of problems you solve rather than listing a series of skills. Get a good headshot photo (Philip Benton is highly recommended)

Connect with all your existing and past clients and ask them for an endorsement on LI.

And remember LinkedIn is where professionals gather to connect and stay informed.

That’s where you come in. You can help LinkedIn members and develop your own network by delivering content that helps people.

As a business owner you are perfectly positioned to do this.

The simple recipe for engagement is inspirational, relevant content that either makes your audience smarter or helps them perform better at their jobs by keeping them informed.

Start posting different types of content to attract clients and referrers. Use a mixture of articles, posts and maybe a video or two. Do it regularly enough so that people will start to connect with you.

Every connection you make will have hundreds of connections themselves. It’s exponential and time efficient marketing. The good stuff always rises to the top. With a bit of thought, that could be you.


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