Search Engine Optimisation or Getting Lots of New Clients Online. The Truth.

Search Engine Optimisation or Getting Lots of New Clients Online. The Truth.

If you’ve had lots of email from search engine optimisation (SEO) experts offering to get you to “the top of Google”, then you are not alone. You click on the email, see the offer and think “Is this true? Can these people from India/Philippines/Rumania do this?

The answer unfortunately is, “they may be able to do it but it will come back to bite you on the derriere, because it will be an unethical way of doing it and when Google finds out…you’ll be banned.”

So what is a company to do when it wants to get more potential clients to its website, but doesn’t know how?

The answer is usually, “GET HELP”.

There’s a little known company in Reading that is offering to help firms win the SEO battle.

Simon Schnieders of Blue Array

Simon Schnieders is the founder of Blue Array, the George Street based SEO specialists.

Schnieders spent over a decade working at the coalface of SEO, heading up in-house teams at companies like Zoopla, Yell and Mail Online prior to starting his own agency.

“I had an acute understanding of some of the frustrations clients can encounter with traditional agencies.  I wanted to launch Blue Array  as a ‘consulgency’. It’s a unique blend of consultancy and agency concentrating on SEO services and nothing else.I wanted to do things differently and focus exclusively on SEO.”

SEO – and only SEO

Simon says it’s important to specialise. “Unlike many other digital marketing agencies, we focus exclusively on SEO. You won’t find us trying to scale our techniques across too many clients. Our focus is on you and your business, from your company culture and values to the people who make you who you are. We believe that by taking the time to get to know you, we’ll be in a better position to understand exactly what you want to achieve from your SEO project. That translates to great results and high return on investment.”

SEO the Blue Array way

“Years of SEO experience have taught us that a 60/40 split between onsite and offsite optimisation is the most effective way to get your site crawled, indexed and ranked by search engines. We ask our clients to commit to some onsite development to help us get the best possible results.”

Simon explains that most clients are retained over a lengthy period. Undoubtedly, SEO works and it’s worth investing the money.

“We always have an initial consultation period that we like to call our ‘SEO runway’. This gives us an in-depth look at your current situation before your project launches. It allows us to develop a long-term strategy that will enable us to deliver the big results we know you’re expecting.”

“Focusing first on the quick wins that help give your rankings a boost, our SEO projects are designed to unfold over a number of months for sustainable growth. We’ll give your developers anything between 10 and 50 things to implement on your website for SEO success, each of which should take less than half a day to complete.”

Simon says that clients like they way they are kept updated with the progress of the campaign.
“We monitor the success of clients’ projects daily, and they receive a detailed monthly report so that they know exactly how the project is going. Because search engine rankings are now personalised to each individual user, we measure the success of the project based on converting non-brand organic search visitors. We’ll also keep clients abreast of any important industry developments that may have an impact on their business too.”

Blue Array also run workshops for firms who want to benefit from their expertise without having a full SEO relationship.

Working with a company like Blue Array may not be a cheap as working with an overseas outsourced team. You’ll probably be investing thousands of pounds a month. But in reality, that’s not much if you are reaping the rewards. After all, if the budget is well-spent, gets you the return you want, what’s not to like?

A local based experienced company that identifies what your objectives over the long-term and helps you achieve them is an ideal way to get help. So if SEO is important to you why drop Blue Array an email?

Send it to – make sure you mention Reading Business Forum.

Alternatively call them on 0800 0119 123