Reading Car Leasing Firm Hits Google Heights…And Stays On Top

Reading Car Leasing Firm Hits Google Heights…And Stays On Top

The dream for most companies is when you type in what they sell, then they come out on top of Google. Let’s face it, if you have the top spot, you’re gonna get the lion’s share of the clickers…(if you do things right).

And if you are a company that has a high-ticket item that people buy online, it’s doubly important to get internet searchers to connect with you. After all, if you type in “car leasing company” you really are looking to invest a substantial sum.

That’s why Select Car Leasing invest in their online marketing to ensure they are number one for car leasing.

Select Car Leasing’s position online has risen from 17 in 2015 to number one in 2017, where it remains.

The leasing broker says it is also number one in Google rankings for ‘Audi lease’, ‘BMW lease’, ‘Nissan Lease’, Land Rover lease’, while it’s third for ‘Mercedes lease’.

The increase in the company’s ranking for key terms from a rebranding in January 2016 when the broker changed its name from Select Contracts to Select Car Leasing.

Director Mark Tongue said:

“We knew that alongside continually improving the website experience, which continues to this day, it was absolutely critical to get a better organic ranking for the key category terms at an overall and manufacturer level for our website early on – it’s our shop front – so we engaged with an SEO company to help increase our organic ranking.

“We also saw people were using the words car leasing to describe the category, so we reinvented our brand to align with this fast-growing trend.”

Tongue said that by 2017 the impact of the Google ranking improvement and rebranding of the business had become apparent, pointing out that sessions to the website had grown 146% compared to the period 12 months previously; enquiries to the business had grown by 40%.

Tongue said he expected Select Car Leasing to lease 16,000 vehicles in 2018, a rise of more than 60% in 12 months, making Select Car Leasing one of the largest car leasing companies in the UK today.

Select Car Leasing was started in 2004 by motor traders Tongue and James O’Malley. From the back room of a house in Reading, they leased their first car in July of that year and today now employ over 130 staff across two locations in Berkshire, including a shop outlet in Reading.

SEO is both an art and a science. Many companies invest thousands of pounds every month on getting it to work. Like all marketing, it’s a question of return on investment.

Local marketing expert Boyd Butler explains, “When companies talk about a marketing budget, it doesn’t really make sense because if you get £2 back for every £1 you invest, I think most people would keep on investing. The key is knowing that your marketing money is giving you a payback, in both immediate sales to help with cashflow, and if it’s relevant, ensuring there is value being attributed to the brand.”

“In the case of SEO, some companies may do a little themselves or none at all. That doesn’t matter if there are lots of other ways they are getting new clients. But if you are a company that’s ignoring the internet as a source of both new clients and existing clients, then I would fear for that company. Let’s face it, the future is generally online and if you are not investing in SEO and online advertising then it is very easy to be left behind – just look at retail.”

When coming up trumps with SEO becomes a story in itself, then you know you should be looking at it as a business owner. Whether you do it yourself of get an agency or specialist on board, it’s a subject that should form part of your discussions at board level or ownership level.

After all, who wouldn’t want massive growth from online leads being generated 24/7?

Looking for a car to lease? Call the Imperial Way based company on 0118 920 5130 and tell them Reading Business Forum sent you.