Private Schools – Open Week at Expanding Cranford House

Private Schools – Open Week at Expanding Cranford House

Sending your children to private school is a choice that not everyone can make. It can be very expensive.

But there’s no doubt that some children thrive at private schools and come out not only with excellent exam results, but also with a determined, balanced and flexible character.

There are many schools that serve the Reading area and it’s fair to say that the private school sector is one of Reading’s biggest attractions for people moving in to the town.

One school that does not feature on the Reading scene s is Cranford House…not because it isn’t an excellent school, but because it is in Moulsford…actually in South Oxfordshire.

This tends to mean that Reading pupils miss out despite the fact  it is only a few miles away and that there are mini-buses that serve Tilehurst and Caversham. You have also to realise that it can take less time to go West along the Thames than to go North-South across Reading.

Many celebrities and famous people send their children to the school because of its unique pastoral environment. They don’t like any fuss though, so we can’t mention their names!

The value-added scores are some of the best in the country. And all this leads to a high demand for places at the non-selective school.

The school is expanding and has plans for a sixth form by 2020 and is also going to go co-educational as it builds its facilities and range of activities even further.

Cranford House are having an open week from 23-27 April. It’s a whole school open week and no appointment is necessary. If you have children from nursery to to 14 years of age, it would be well worth taking a look at the school.
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