New Business Looking For Co-Working Office Space? Central Working Comes To Reading…

New Business Looking For Co-Working Office Space? Central Working Comes To Reading…

Are you looking for a cool office where you can get things done?

When you don’t know if your business will employ 1 or 1000 people in 4 years time, why would you want to sign up on a lease for an office that restricts your growth? It doesn’t seem logical or make business sense.

Which is probably why Central Working, the co-working office space provider, has announced a new centre for tech and innovation at R+ in Reading town centre.

The ethos behind Central Working is that all new business owners should have the flexibility to have an office with soul, where you want to go to everyday  and where  you’ll be more likely to connect with the talent that you want to attract.

Isn’t that what every entrepreneur, start up and growing business wants?

Grant Powell, Central Working CEO, explains: “Reading is a major player in the South East’s digital economy, and this site is set to become a hub for the city’s thriving tech and enterprise community.

“The city has proven itself an amazing platform for ambitious businesses and we’re excited to build on this, providing a nurturing environment for growing businesses from across Thames Valley.”

“Central Working’s raison d’etre is forging valuable links between businesses to spur rapid growth. Reading is set to benefit massively from the increased connectivity offered by Crossrail, and this location will become a gateway between Reading and other tech clusters in London and around the UK.”

Central Working Reading connects the city’s business community with Central Working’s network of 3,500 companies across the country, providing Reading with new links to the UK’s enterprise and tech community.

The new Reading club, located directly adjacent to Reading Railway station, will serve more than 250 entrepreneurs.

The company doesn’t just rent out office space. It goes much further than that to help companies grow.

“When you join Central Working, we actively introduce you to the companies that you need for growth. You will gain access to thousands of investors, clients and suppliers; all here to help you thrive and succeed. And what’s more, we guarantee it.”

“We guarantee a meaningful connection to your business in your first 30 days or you, the founder, get your money back.”

Whether it’s a hot desk, or private office, whether you are just doing business in the Thames Valley, or you want to network across the globe, Central Working pride themselves on tailoring their offer to what the entrepreneur wants. That’s why you won’t see a price list on their website.

But why would you want to buy an office based on square footage? Surely, the world has moved away from the one-size fits all?

Well, Central Working are out to prove that Reading deserves better. So if you are a budding John Madejski, Max McNeill, or Joe Hemani, (look them up) then you might want to get in touch and take a tour of the new space.

You can email the CEO and tell him Reading Business Forum mentioned him. He might buy me coffee. Make that a latte. Large.

Or visit