Manage a team? Find out how you can lead them with top sports coaches

Manage a team? Find out how you can lead them with top sports coaches

There are plenty of business people in sport. But how many sportspeople are there in business. I would argue, “Not that many”.

It’s a strange situation that coaches in sport aren’t having their brains picked on a regular basis, when you consider the experience they have managing teams of people on a daily basis.

If you think that you may learn how to manage a little better by listening and learning from some top coaches then you have a treat in store.

“How can we get the best out of the Teams and Groups we work with?” is the title of an informal evening seminar and will explore this subject via different multiple perspectives.

A group of experts will be at Go-Perform, Berkshire’s leading sports performance centre on Wednesday 17th October, and the evening session will feature speakers Brian McDermott (former Reading FC and Leeds Utd Manager), Steven Sylvester (Chartered Psychologist working in Elite Sport and author of ‘Detox Your Ego’) and Duncan Foster, (Mindset and Mental Preparation Coach).

It promises to be an evening a little different from the normal corporate speak and there will be a chance to ask any questions of the speakers on a panel session.

It starts at 7.30pm-9pm and is being held in 22 Britten Road, RG2 OAU.

Tickets are available from

They are priced at £16.31