Could You Save £000’s On Your Business Costs? Find Out For Free

Could You Save £000’s On Your Business Costs? Find Out For Free

Few businesses have the people, tools or knowledge to effectively realise business efficiencies, improve their cash flow and deliver sustainable profit improvement.

In reality, when you are running a business, you are mostly focussed on sales, rather than savings. Even if you have a financial officer or facilities manager, costs are not regularly reviewed. Your solicitor may be reviewing your contracts, but they aren’t helping you negotiate that contract.

Strategic Consultant Ian Webb

Ian Webb has worked in the Reading area for many years. As a skilled specialist and trusted advisor, he worked closely with the Madejski Stadium team to improve efficiencies, and is a strategic cost management consultant with Auditel.

“I’ve always thought the need for evidence-based decision-making in the cost arena has been undersold to most businesses,” says Ian.

“ Only a fraction of firms look at their costs in a strategic way. With a strategic process, (Total Cost of Purchase®) you can put a really effective method of managing costs, reducing waste, and improving profits in place”

“Auditel as a company have more than 3000 clients. From charities and hotels and leisure, right through to professional service firms and schools.”

“There are 100 areas of cost analysis that we undertake. It doesn’t take long to find out where contracts are not offering the best value. And it’s not just about cheap, you can really find areas where better quality and a lower price are an option.”

Cost and profit improvement

“Using analytical tools and aTotal Cost of Purchase® model I can usually identify areas of improvement within your supplier relationships. This could be tweaking existing arrangements you have, or introducing a new trusted supplier with whom we have a long term relationship built on the results achieved for our clients over many years.

“An example project would be reviewing energy will typically bring around 10-15% benefit while communications and business supplies around a 20-30% benefit. You would share a portion of the savings with Auditel. So it is a win-win deal. You get a better deal at a lower price and don’t pay anything unless you do.”

Business costs consultant
3000 firms use Auditel to make savings

Making a decision can be difficult when every supplier tells you their system is best.

“Because I am independent of any provider I can get to know your business and help decide what the best result is for you,” explains Ian.

“The time taken to manage suppliers, resolve issues and implement and monitor change can take you away from the day to day of running and improving your business. My experience in managing supplier relationships can free up your time to concentrate on the areas that matter most to your business.”

To get a Total Cost of Purchase® analysis mention Reading Business Forum and get in touch with Ian. A phone call could save you a few thousand…or more…

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